2018 Registration Instructions and Timeline

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October 1st – 5th                Registration of CLR36 running teams only
October 12th                        Lottery and Announcement of CLR36 accepted teams
October 12th                        Registration of CLR24 running/walking teams opens*

* New in 2018 – CLR 24 Registration will remain open until full


CLR24 consists of teams of 7-12 runners that start from Silver Lake (exchange point 12) on Friday, August 3rd and CLR24 teams will complete the final 24 legs of the CLR course only.  Teams will start Friday afternoon with an approximate finish time between 9:00am-1:00pm on Saturday, August 4th.

By participating in CLR24, your team will still get to experience the best relay in the Pacific NW and even get to the beer garden sooner. Run less miles and arrive at the Beer Garden early?  Yep. Oh, and did we mention there is no red cinder in CLR24?

You have the option of running with a team of eight (8) runners, so everyone still runs three legs, or a team of twelve runners (12), where each person only runs 2 legs.  CLR24 has the potential for more runners of all ability to experience the magic of Cascade Lakes Relay.

CLR24 teams will receive all of the same amazing swag and amenities as the 216 mile race.

CLR24 registration fee is $1350 for a team of 7-12 and $1050 for an ultra team of 4-6 runners.  We will accept 600 total participants for CLR24.


Registration Details for all events

  • 2400 runners will be accepted into CLR36 via a weighted lottery (210-220 teams depending on team size). Registration is by lottery.
  • 600 runners/walkers will be accepted into CLR24 (50-75 teams depending on team size). Registration will remain open until full.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $800 is due at time of registration for all teams and must be postmarked by October 6, 2017.
  • 2018 REGISTRATION – if your team is accepted for CLR36, your deposit check will NOT be refunded for any reason.  DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE ENTRIES INTO THE LOTTERY TO IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING ACCEPTED. Once accepted and confirmed, your deposit check will not be refunded. 
    • Once you register online you will receive an email with the registration form to print and send with your $800 deposit check.  The deposit check must be sent with the registration form and all requested information or it will not be valid and your team will not be entered into the lottery.
    • Checks must include CLR, your team name, and your team captain name in the memo line (if different than the name on the check).
    • You may send a check at time of registration for the full registration amount if you prefer to pay in full rather than sending a second check.
    • Checks must be made payable to Cascade Relays, PO Box 1088, Bend, OR 97709.
    • If you register for CLR36 and are not accepted, the same check can be used for CLR24 – just register online for CLR24 and we will use your CLR36 registration form and check.
    • Checks will be shredded for teams that are not accepted into the CLR36 lottery and do not wish to register for CLR24.
  • A check for the registration fee balance must be postmarked no later than February 1st, 2018 for CLR36/CLR24 teams accepted in the lottery.
    • If a check for the balance is not postmarked by Feb 1st, your team will be automatically deleted and replaced with a waitlist team – no exceptions. Reminder emails will be sent on January 1st and January 15th, but emails don’t always reach the recipient and the Team Captain is ultimately responsible for sending the balance, so mark your calendar now!  You may send the balance at any time before the deadline in order to confirm your team.
    • CLR Run team balance – $1000
    • CLR24 balance – $550
    • Walk team balance – $550
    • Ultra team balance – $250
    • If you have a discount from 2017, the discount should be subtracted from this final payment balance, and will not be discounted from the $800 deposit
  • Confirmed registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • If electing to “hire” charity volunteers, the “Hire a Volunteer” donation of $125 per volunteer ($250 total for a regular run or walk team) is due by Feb 1st and can be included with your deposit check or your registration balance check.  (See the volunteer page for details on choosing to hire volunteers after Feb 1st.)
  • Runners/walkers must be registered by April 1st in order to guarantee their finisher shirt size.  (Our amazing finishers shirts have to be ordered by April 1st, thus the deadline.)
  • All race communication is done via email.  Please remember to send us your updated email address if it changes.  Please add @cascaderelays.com to your “safe” list so that our emails do not go to spam.

Lottery Details

  • Registrations are accepted for 5 days only (October 1st-5th):
    • We value our loyal teams that have participated in past years and we also need to provide a fair opportunity for new teams to experience CLR. Therefore, a weighted lottery system will be used to accept teams. Returning team captains receive additional entries in the lottery in order to recognize and reward past participation.
    • Inaugural (2008) team captains are guaranteed entry as long as they register and pay the $800 deposit within the 5 day registration window (Oct 1st-5th).
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall teams, You-Tube contest winners, the survey winner, and division winners from 2017 are guaranteed entry as long as they register and pay the $800 deposit within the 5 day registration window (Oct 1st-5th).

Walk and High School Relay

  • Walk Relay Registration:  Walking teams follow the same registration process as CLR24 teams (Registration opens October 12th and is open until full).  We will guarantee a minimum* of 25 walk teams in order to ensure there is sufficient competition.
    *assuming at least 25 walk teams register for the Walk Relay
  • High School Relay Registration: High school registrations are accepted until July 1st.  Please contact the race directors (info@cascaderelays.com) for registration instructions.

Volunteer Details

  • Volunteer assignments (for teams providing your own volunteers) will be provided on July 1st.
  • The donation amount for the “Hire a Volunteer” program is as follows:
    • At time of registration or by Feb 1st*: $125 per volunteer
    • Postmarked between Feb 2nd and July 14th: $225 per volunteer
    • Postmarked between July 15th and July 31st: $300 per volunteer
      Checks for the “Hire-a-Volunteer” program MUST be separate from registration checks. Make check payable to Cascade Relays Foundation. Include your team name, “CLR”, and “HAV” on the memo of the check. Send it to:
      Cascade Relays Foundation
      PO Box 1088
      Bend OR 97709
  • The donation fee to select and hire volunteers increases as the event date draws near as it is much more difficult to find and coordinate additional charity volunteers closer to the event date.  We appreciate teams selecting and paying for this option as early as possible so that we can coordinate effectively with over 30 volunteer organizations and we source over 300 volunteers for the HAV program.
  • Volunteer checks must include “CLR” and your team name in the memo line, as well as the team captain name if different than the name on the check. We wish we were mind readers but we’re not!
  • To change your volunteer status from “provide your own volunteers” to “hire a volunteer program” or visa versa, team captains must email info@cascaderelays.com with the request.  The donation payment amount is based on when the donation check is postmarked, so mail the donation check immediately after requesting the change to avoid extra fees.
  • Volunteers are absolutely critical for the success and safety of this event.  Therefore, if a team elects to provide your own volunteers and your volunteers do not show up for their assignment, a penalty donation of $800 must be made to the “Hire a Volunteer” program in order to receive your team finisher shirts & medals, not be officially disqualified, and to be accepted to participate in Cascade Relays events in future years.  Your team will also be required to select the HAV program in order to participate in any Cascade Relays events the following year.

Still have questions? CLR Registration & Lottery FAQ’s