Race Maps


2017 Race Maps are posted! Thank you for your patience while we made some minor changes to the course map. 2017 Leg changes include:

  • Leg 2a + Leg 2b = Thielsen Challenge.  Leg 2 is now 11 miles and will be entirely run by one runner and they will receive a special Thielsen Challenge Medal.  Water stations every two miles, volunteers, and roving medical support will ensure all runners complete this challenging leg safely without van support.
  • Leg 5 and 6 can be evenly split in mileage!  The exchange point for Leg 5 is now an “exchange zone” between 6.7-8.7 miles into Leg 5, thus allowing your van to pull over at any point within the 2-mile exchange zone to pass the baton onto the Leg 6 runner.  This will relieve congestion at Ex Pt #5 and will allow teams to decide where to exchange within the 2 mile exchange zone.
  • Slight mileage changes to Leg 25, 26, 33, 34.

The Official Race Map provides important information:

  • Driving and running directions
  • Designated side of the road for running each leg
  • Length and altitude gain/loss of each leg
  • Type of running surface (pavement, dirt, gravel, unsupported trail)
  • Location of amenities

Each van must print at least one copy of the Official Race Map.
Copies of the map will NOT be provided at the start line.

2017 CLR Run Map
2017 CLR24 Map*
2017 Walk Map

If you prefer a smaller file size, here is a link to a lower resolution 2017 Cascade Lakes Relay Map.
Here is the link to the lower resolution 2017 CLR24/Walk Relay Map.

* High School Challenge Teams will also use this map

**Maps updated 6/21/17.

The Official Map is where you can view details about each leg and amenities along the way.  You will also want to use the Leg Team Timesheets, where all legs are summarized and you can assign runners/walkers to each leg and estimate your time of arrival at major exchange points along the course.

If a teammate wants to leave their car at the finish line in Bend and carpool to Diamond or Silver Lake, they must leave their car at the Athletic Club of Bend at 61615 Athletic Club Drive and park in the lot farthest away from the club building.  That is the only approved place to leave your car overnight.